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with the Mighty Kicks Program

The many benefits of Mighty Kicks will enhance and diversify your child’s learning and development. The basic soccer skills taught help children develop healthy lifestyle habits and get familiar with soccer (and sports) early on.

Benefits for Children

  • Coordination – Confidence – Character
  • Agility – Balance – Strength
  • Life Skills – Team Skills – Social Skills
  • Basic Soccer Skills – Elementary Techniques – An understanding of the game
  • Healthy lifestyle habits – Fitness – Endurance
  • Improved Self-Concept and Self-Esteem
  • Creativity – The Curriculum engages the children and makes them use their imagination
  • Fun – Kids learn best while enjoying themselves
  • Educational – encouraging learning and development through experience and repetition of skills
  • Exercise — improves memory, attention, immune system, mood, and fights obesity, stress, depression, diabetes, and low self-esteem

Benefits for Parents

  • Convenience
  • Quality Program that aids in the development of their child without the time investment
  • Economical (also saving time and gas with the convenience factor)
  • More family time together on nights and weekends without another activity outside of school
  • Good investment in the health/development of their child
  • Peace of mind – the Program is healthy, informative, safe and non-competitive

Benefits for Child Care Centers

  • Quality and Convenient sports option for parents.
  • Name association with Mighty Kicks through partnership.
  • Unique sport/team dynamic added to the school.
  • Physical activity that adds to school’s fight against obesity, depression, diabetes, stress and low self-esteem.
  • These benefits for the center add value for current members and make it more appealing to prospective clients.